Hanoi: Top OCOP 5-star Products

13/06/2024 16:24

With six products certified as 5-star by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in the "One Commune, One Product" (OCOP) program, Hanoi leads the nation in the number of 5-star products. These OCOP 5-star products from Hanoi are distinctive, of high standard, and quality, meeting all the conditions for export. After being recognized, the entities have better opportunities to promote and sell their products, thus expanding production.

Introducing OCOP Products at Quang Vinh Ceramics Co., Ltd (Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District)

Adding Distinctiveness to Each Product

In 2020, Quang Vinh Ceramics Co., Ltd (Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District) had four products certified as OCOP 5-star. These include the "Red Lotus Flower Ceramic Bowl Set," the "Swallow and Lotus Ceramic Bowl Set," the "Dragon and Phoenix Ceramic Bowl Set," and the "Swallow and Lotus Ceramic Teapot Set." These OCOP 5-star products combine handcrafted and technological elements. The craftsmanship lies in creating the patterns, giving the products uniqueness and high aesthetics. Each product subtly conveys Vietnamese culture, featuring images like lotus flowers, dragons, phoenixes, and swallows. To achieve perfection, alongside manual crafting, the company uses machinery for shaping and quality control, ensuring the products are smooth, safe, and free from warping or cracking.

At the beginning of 2023, the self-woven silk quilt of My Duc Mulberry Silk Co., Ltd was also recognized as an OCOP 5-star product by MARD. Artisan Phan Thi Thuan, Director of My Duc Mulberry Silk Co., Ltd, shared that the product is the result of much dedication and experimentation. Growing up in the "mulberry homeland" of Phung Xa, Mrs. Thuan has been attached to silkworms and cocoons since childhood. In the early 2010s, while observing silkworms spinning silk and weaving cocoons, she came up with the idea of letting silkworms weave silk quilts. Putting the idea into practice was challenging as silkworms spin silk naturally by instinct. She had to manually place the silkworms in the correct positions. Since they spin silk when due, the silkworms spun silk as positioned, with thousands of silkworms diligently spinning to create beautiful, durable silk quilts. When the silkworms finish spinning, the quilt is completed.

Nguyen Van Chi, Deputy Chief of the Standing Office of the New Rural Development Program Coordination Office in Hanoi, stated that Hanoi now has six products recognized as OCOP 5-star. These include four products from Quang Vinh Ceramics Co., Ltd, one product from My Duc Mulberry Silk Co., Ltd, and one product from Tan Thinh Ceramic Production and Business Cooperative. "OCOP products are not mass-produced in large factories with modern technology but are unique, high-value products that capitalize on local strengths," Nguyen Van Chi assessed.

Confident with the "Made in Vietnam" Brand

Each year, My Duc Mulberry Silk Co., Ltd completes thousands of self-woven silk quilts. "The company sells the product by weight, with each kilogram of quilt priced at 4 million VND. After being recognized as an OCOP product, more consumers are aware of the silk quilts. Despite the supply not meeting the demand, the company maintains the price to allow more consumers to experience and use the natural, premium product," said artisan Phan Thi Thuan.

Ha Thi Vinh, Director of Quang Vinh Ceramics Co., Ltd, stated that being evaluated and ranked as a 5-star product is a great honor and a "passport" for the company to strengthen and develop its brand both domestically and internationally. Over 80% of Quang Vinh Ceramics' products are exported to many countries worldwide, including the most demanding markets such as Germany, the USA, Japan, and Denmark.

Tan Thinh Ceramic Production and Business Cooperative is the only cooperative entity with a product, the "Jade Stream Ceramic Glaze Set," recognized as OCOP 5-star. Tran Duc Tan, Director of Tan Thinh Ceramic Production and Business Cooperative, informed that the cooperative has 20 members, all skilled artisans from the Bat Trang ceramic village. Each member specializes in different product lines, providing ample potential for development.

Nguyen Van Chi stated that the city aims to have 2,000 more OCOP products certified 3-star or higher by 2025, with 3% of these being potential 5-star products.

As the Chairman of the National OCOP Product Evaluation and Classification Council, Deputy Minister of MARD Tran Thanh Nam noted that Hanoi's OCOP 5-star products are increasingly high quality, diverse in designs, and aligned with market needs. However, the process of preparing product evaluation dossiers remains basic. "OCOP is a significant program for rural economic development, so entities should confidently produce true 'Made in Vietnam' products," emphasized Tran Thanh Nam.

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