Journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen: From "charm" with the press to "heart" with the Wildlife Profession

Not only known as a journalist with a sophisticated style, Vuong Xuan Nguyen is also recognized as someone who is actively engaged in social activities, passionately dedicating himself to the field of Wildlife Profession, and rural development.

"Charm" with the journalism profession

Born into a poor farmer family in the outskirts of Hanoi, all siblings in the family had to quit school after completing secondary education to help the family. Only Vuong Xuan Nguyen persisted in his aspiration to pursue a university education. During his university years, financial difficulties were alleviated as he took on tutoring jobs. In addition to studying at the university, he also learned accounting skills at the National Economics University, tutored students, and volunteered at the IOGT Vietnam organization to improve his English with international volunteers.

Chú thích ảnh

Thanks to his excellent academic results in his final year, in 2002, after graduating from university, Mr. Nguyen was recruited by a foreign corporation with a relatively high salary. However, he decided to stay in Hanoi to live close to his parents in the countryside and continue his studies. In Hanoi, he had the opportunity to work and interact closely with many revolutionary veterans who were active in the Thang Long Club, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and the Central Vietnam Wildlife Association. It was precisely in this favorable environment that Mr. Nguyen was introduced to the journalism profession, when he had the opportunity to work in journalism alongside journalist Do Phuong, former General Director of VNA.

Journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen received recognition at the National Press Association in 2017

In 2017, Mr. Nguyen transferred from Vietnam Perfume Magazine to Life and Law Newspaper, and the online newspaper, News Providers. During this time, Mr. Nguyen had the opportunity to "pen" in both print and online media with a series of impressive investigative reports, leaving a mark on the minds of readers.

By 2020, journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen returned to serve as the General Secretary of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Rural Development Science in Vietnam; Head of the Specialized Department of the Cultural and Development Online Magazine; and collaborated with many other press and media agencies. In his role as the General Secretary of the Journal of Rural Development Science in Vietnam, Vuong Xuan Nguyen actively innovated the content and form of a specialized scientific journal, which was highly appreciated by experts in the field.

"Every journalist always has a vast and dream-filled sky ahead. But the journalism profession also reveals that the path ahead is full of obstacles and unpredictable traps. For a genuine journalist, one must strive with an open mind, seek continuous learning, always remind oneself to keep a 'warm heart and a cool head,' 'bright eyes, pure heart, sharp pen,' contributing to life with articles that are 'Quick - Accurate - Correct - Interesting'," Vuong Xuan Nguyen shared.

"Heart" with the Wildlife Profession

Not only a dynamic journalist with many eloquent articles, contributing significantly to the Wildlife Profession and Rural Development, Vuong Xuan Nguyen is also known as a vibrant social activist in various fields. During his tenure at Vietnam Perfume Magazine, he was diligently guided by journalist Do Phuong in the journalism profession, while also instilling in him a love for the Wildlife Profession. He traveled extensively throughout the country to collect materials and learn about this refined hobby. He also spent much time researching and understanding the significance of the Tree Planting Tet Movement initiated by Uncle Ho in the 1960s.


Journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen spoke at a Wildlife Event.

Even when he moved to the Journal of Rural Development Science in Vietnam, he continued to focus on writing about new rural construction and OCOP products. At the same time, he collaborated with scientists to organize seminars and provide input for the development of legal documents related to areas such as Sustainable Ecological Agriculture Development, Modern Rural Living, and Professional Farmers - Civilization.

Speaking of Vuong Xuan Nguyen's contributions to the Wildlife Profession, Dr. Tran Duy Quy, Chairman of the Vietnam Rural Development Science Association, said, "In the field of Wildlife Profession, journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen is one of the most experienced experts. He has been writing and working on Wildlife Profession activities since his university graduation. Therefore, he has had many opportunities, along with experienced journalists, to contribute to the development of many related legal documents and policies. The Wildlife Profession, from a traditional cultural hobby to a practical movement recognized by the state as one of the 07 groups of rural development industries with tangible and effective contributions from experts like journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen..."


Journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen is also known as an expert in the Wildlife Profession.

With his positive contributions to journalism, media, wildlife, and rural development activities in Vietnam, journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen was awarded Certificates of Merit by various central agencies: the Central Committee of the Party's Block of Central Agencies in 2007; the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2016; the Hanoi People's Committee in 2021; and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Journalists Association in 2022, along with many other prestigious awards from central and Hanoi agencies.

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