Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin (Phu Xuyen - Hanoi) shares about the benefits of playing orchids

31/07/2021 23:10

The orchid hobby has existed for thousands of years. It penetrates deeply into the source of Vietnamese culture from art patterns to worshiping literature. Today, that ethereal hobby has become an economic industry that brings a rich life to many people.

Below is the sharing of Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin aka Ghin Nguyen in Phu Xuyen, Hanoi on the above topic.

Reporter:  Can you explain the idiom "King plays orchids - Quan plays tea"?

Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin: It is  said that, from ancient times, there was a famous beautiful flower with both Perfume and Sac, which was hunted by mandarins to give to the king, as a very spiritual gift. elegant and precious. Maybe that's why folk say "the king plays orchids, the mandarins play tea". So orchids are luxurious flowers, only for the regal. The ethereal beauty and seductive scent of wild orchids have captivated many romantic souls. Someone also explained that, not everyone meets the qualities from intelligence, aesthetics, human perspective to economic conditions, time ... to enjoy the extremely noble beauty. , crystallize the beauty of heaven and earth like orchids. Therefore, in the past, only the erudite and noble regal were suitable to enjoy this flower.


Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin-

Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin : Nowadays, people's material and spiritual life is increasingly improved, knowledge, science and technology are more and more popular, so everyone has the right to access to beauty products. elegant human pleasures, the beauties in life to adorn their lives. The same goes for normal or mutant orchids. It is no longer something exclusively tied to social status or human outlook. It has become a kind of consumer good that anyone with needs and conditions can own.

Reporter:  So can you point out a few benefits from playing orchids?

Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin:  Playing orchids has many benefits and is a great experience. Therefore, those who stick with it for a while easily become "addicted", fascinated by the beauty of orchids, thereby giving up many desires and temptations in life. Orchids bring high economic value and are a socially recognized profession. Orchids contribute to improving a healthy living environment. And since ancient times, orchids are also known as precious medicines to improve human health. In particular, some precious orchids also have therapeutic effects...

First of all, playing orchids is a very clearly felt spiritual value. After a tiring day of work, just looking at orchids, people become relaxed, reduce the pressure of life, especially Stress. Play orchids just like the old people often say: "Playing orchids to nourish the mind, playing fish to nourish the mind". Because playing orchids can't be rushed, but must be very patient and patient. From an orchid sprout that needs to be taken care of for 1 year, 2 years, even 5 years before flowering, the process of which players have experienced and played new orchids is durable. 


Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin with his favorite work -

Reporter:  Can you tell me more about the economic efficiency of orchids?

Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin: Growing orchids does not need a large area, but must have techniques and capital. The economic value of orchids is very high, quick and long-term capital gain. As we all know, as people's living standards increase, the demand for fresh flowers, including orchids, is increasing. According to Hanoi's Agriculture sector, the city's flower growing area is currently over 5,000 hectares, of which orchids account for over 15% and the city's average flower consumption demand according to 2016 survey data is 46,000 VND. /people. This is not a small number for a city of nearly 10 million people like Hanoi. As we know, Hanoi has recognized orchids as one of the key crops prioritized for development. Hanoi is also home to many suburban flower villages. From our personal perspective, we find that growing orchids has a value of income 7-10 times higher than other crops.Thanks to the orchid, my family can buy land, build a house and buy many expensive modern equipment and make a fuller living.


Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin finds joy in growing and caring for orchids -

Reporter:  So can you share the initial difficulties in entering this profession?

Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin : Like most newcomers to this profession, in the early stages I encountered many difficulties due to not mastering the technique, so the orchid died and lost a lot. Thanks to hard work and learning, after three years, I have grasped orchid growing, can propagate and control orchids to flower to meet the needs of players. Since then, orchids have been known to many people. In my opinion, in order to start a successful business, you must first be passionate. The second is to study hard and apply science and technology to their work. Third, I have to find a market, a source for my product and build a brand for my product.

Reporter:  It is known that you own a Phi Diep orchid garden with many precious varieties, can you share some experiences?

Artist Nguyen Dang Ghin : With Phi Diep orchid being a precious orchid, in order for the plant to produce beautiful flowers, the grower must understand the characteristics of the orchid, so before planting it is necessary to design the garden to ensure the best conditions. Orchid garden is built with a trellis to hang flowers, 1.5 - 2m from the ground, above is arranged a shade net (net type with 60% sunshade). Watering once a day for plants, but moderate watering, should invest in a filter tank to filter water before pumping water. In particular, if you want Lan Phi Diep to flower or have seedlings, you must nourish the plant to be healthy by fertilizing fully and appropriately, and at the same time, observe to prevent fungal diseases that are harmful to orchids.

PV:  Thank you!

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