Kien Giang: Sustainable tourism development requires mobilizing investment resources and leveraging unique advantages

07/06/2024 16:13

The development of tourism regions in Kien Giang province has been uneven in recent times. Tourism businesses in the province (excluding Phu Quoc) are still small in scale, lack high-quality products, and have inconsistent business operations, low competitiveness, and insufficient professionalism. These issues have significantly impacted the development of the province's tourism industry.

Kien Giang's Tourism Sector Needs to Leverage Unique Advantages for Development

Mr. Ngo Thanh Vu, Head of the Planning, Research, and Development Department of Kien Giang's Department of Tourism, stated that for the tourism industry to develop sustainably, Kien Giang's tourism sector must focus on upgrading transportation infrastructure to create an interconnected network linking various tourist spots with the province's transportation system. It is essential to develop and complete the cultural and sports infrastructure in conjunction with tourism development. Investment resources should be mobilized to develop a cultural industry based on the province's unique advantages, linked with tourism development. There should also be a push towards socializing tourism development and effectively implementing the province's tourism development plans.

The tourism sector should accelerate digital transformation and utilize social platforms for promoting and developing tourism. It is crucial to build the province's tourism image, position its brand, and define the core values of Kien Giang's tourism. Effectively utilizing the electronic information portal to update information about the province's potential and advantages, as well as policies to attract and incentivize investment for tourism development, is also important. Developing mobile applications to provide information to tourists in key tourist areas, promoting the use of artificial intelligence, virtual assistants, and advanced technologies in tourism promotion, and launching campaigns to stimulate tourism demand are necessary. Additionally, building a tourism database system connected to the national database is essential.

Kien Giang's tourism sector needs to innovate in the content and methods of tourism promotion on flights, at train stations, ports, and public transportation, and through Vietnamese diplomatic missions abroad. Collaborating and integrating the promotion of Kien Giang's tourism brand and image into the national brand program and other tourism promotion programs is also vital. Enhancing news forecasts about tourism trends and focusing on promoting Kien Giang's tourism activities in international markets are necessary.

Kien Giang's Tourism Sector Focuses on Training and Developing Human Resources to Meet Quantity and Quality Needs

The tourism sector in Kien Giang needs to prioritize training and developing human resources to meet the quantity and quality requirements for the province's tourism development. Ensuring that the workforce is dynamic, proactive, creative, professional, and quickly adaptable to the working environment is crucial. The focus should be on training and enhancing professional skills, communication, etiquette, and foreign languages, combining theory, practice, and real-world experience. Strongly applying information technology in training human resources will help workers learn anytime, anywhere, and save costs, while promptly catching up with global tourism development trends.


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