Meritorious Artist Huong Giang Releases Karaoke Version of "Lotus Love"

07/06/2024 15:53

In anticipation of the first Capital Lotus Festival in 2024, Meritorious Artist Huong Giang and journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen recently released their debut song titled “Lotus Love.” To further spread the song within the community, Meritorious Artist Huong Giang has released a Karaoke version of “Lotus Love” on this occasion.

Karaoke Version of the Song "Lotus Love"

The song "Lotus Love" by Meritorious Artist Huong Giang and journalist Vuong Xuan Nguyen, with its ca trù influences, serves as a gentle yet profound reminder of the persistent vitality and resilience of the lotus flower. Emerging from the mud, the lotus endures numerous hardships yet still blossoms with delicate, sublime beauty. This song also conveys a message of solidarity, sharing, and optimism, emphasizing the desire for a healthy life, the strength, and the significance of patience. It celebrates the efforts to transcend personal limitations in the human experience. Even in the most challenging and difficult circumstances, one can rise and stand tall towards the light of the sun, the light of truth, living harmoniously with all and flourishing like the lotus flower.

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