Vietnam - South Korea Tourism: Rational Flight Itinerary Choices

05/06/2024 17:01

South Korea has always been a dream destination for many Vietnamese travelers. However, the cost of traveling to South Korea can be a significant barrier for many people. Among these expenses, the airfare often constitutes the majority of the travel cost. Refer to the following tips and experiences to learn how to hunt for cheap airfares to South Korea and buy tickets with the most optimal costs.

1. Choose budget airlines

In the current booming tourism period for South Korea, there are many budget airlines for travelers to choose from. One popular budget airline for flights to South Korea from Vietnam is Vietjet Air. In addition to Vietjet Air, other budget airlines that travelers can consider include Air Busan, Jeju Air, etc.

Let's take a look at the fare comparison table among airlines for flights to South Korea:

fare comparison table

As can be seen, the airfares for flights to South Korea by Vietjet Air, T'Way Air, and Jeju Air are significantly cheaper compared to other airlines. Although some services may be limited, such as checked baggage, meals, etc., generally, choosing budget airlines is an optimal way to save on airfare costs.

In addition to choosing budget airlines, a small tip to save even more is to use the "Book Air Ticket" feature on VNPAY e-wallet and banking applications. With just a few simple steps, you can search, compare prices, and book tickets directly on the application, ensuring convenience and speed. Especially, VNPAY e-wallet and banking applications also offer many attractive promotion programs, helping you save costs and enjoy a wonderful trip.

Hunting for cheap airfares to South Korea on VNPAY e-wallet and banking apps

2. Choose overnight or late-night flights

Night flights often have lower fares compared to daytime flights or peak hours. Especially, if you choose budget airlines, the fares for nighttime flights will be even cheaper, sometimes up to 30% lower than normal prices, significantly reducing your expenses.

Furthermore, flying at night also helps you save on the cost of one night at a hotel. Due to the psychological barrier to night flights, flights during these hours often have fewer passengers, making it easier for you to choose ticket classes, seats, and ticket changes. When hunting for cheap airfares, night flights are usually booked more quickly due to fewer people accessing and choosing them.

Night flights often have lower costs. (Source: Internet)

3. Avoid peak tourism periods

Choosing the low tourist season is an effective way to hunt for cheap summer airfares. This period usually falls between after the Lunar New Year and before summer when the number of tourists decreases. During this period, airlines often launch many promotion programs and discounted airfares to stimulate demand. Therefore, finding cheap airfares during this time becomes much easier.

Hunting for cheap airfares to South Korea is no longer a difficult task if you know how to choose the right time and seize promotion programs from airlines. Quickly log into VNPAY e-wallet or banking applications to enjoy many attractive flight booking offers!

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